Electric Cars: The Convincer

Electric Cars: The Convincer

Are electric cars really the future for us Brits? We’ve demonstrated in this article series that electric vehicles are certainly much better for the environment, but there are also steps that you can take to ensure that your current petrol driven car is a bit more environmentally friendly (covered in our last article).

From hybrids to fully electric cars, it is clear that they are not just a passing phase and are here to stay with the government both investing in the infrastructure and by stating all new car sales from 2040 onwards will have to be electric. As electric cars continue to evolve, they are becoming cheaper and cheaper and more and more efficient, so it is not unlikely that they will be the future of automobiles. In fact, if manufacturers can reduce the size and increase the output of batteries, just the same as scientists did with the computer chip previously, they’ll be another giant leap in the evolution of these vehicles. And this development will come in a matter of time, make no mistake.

As with all new ventures, electric cars are a little more expensive at the initial purchase price, however the extra money you spend purchasing the car can be quickly made up in terms of fuel savings. There are also some great subsidies being given to convert to electric and in many motorway service stations, electric charging points often occupy the best parking spots. One Michelin starred hotel and restaurant in Devon, even has charging points in it’s car park.

Some European countries, such as Norway, are leading the electric car trend with roughly 27% of new cars sold in Norway in December being “battery electric” according to their government. A big reason for this increase in sales of electric vehicles is that they are expect from VAT, registration tax and traffic insurance tax, making them an appealing choice. What’s more, there are certain perks to these electric vehicles such as being allowed to drive in the bus lanes and free or half price parking!

If having an electric car isn’t your thing, it can be assumed that electric buses will be coming at some point in the future. In Shenzhen,  a large city in China, the Shenzhen bus group replaced all of its 5698 buses with electric buses, paving the way for the electric-powered future of transport.

Do you now agree that electric vehicles are the future?