Preparing your Car for a Summer Roadtrip

Preparing Your Car for a Summer Roadtrip

Whilst cars in 2018 are bigger, and far better designed than their counterparts 20 or 30 years ago, the requirements of families are different too. Ok, let’s not beat about the bush – if you have kids,THEIR requirements will be a lot greater now, than when us older generation were kids, crammed into the back of a small hatchback, suitcase on lap and a ‘quarter’ of sweets in our hands…

So, many families will possibly consider carrying their luggage for a road trip on the OUTSIDE of their car, in order to maximise space and comfort on the inside. With roof boxes now being available to hire, and luggage racks suitable for most cars in order to carry bikes, and even small canoes or surf boards, a family nowadays needn’t compromise on comfort.

Whilst space and internal comfort is more easily attainable, the age old question of boredom whilst ferrying kids to their holiday destination is still something most parents would be foolish to ignore. But, with handheld computer games, headrest TV/DVD players and ‘old school’ solutions like books, magazines and ‘I spy’ games, a little planning here could go a long way, making journeys less stressful for parents too…

Your vehicle itself should be checked over thoroughly before setting off. The ‘Phase 1’ check list is obvious; oil and coolant levels, tyre pressures, windscreen fluid, bulbs etc. But, you need to consider that fluid levels may change on longer journeys…indeed your car may well behave differently compared to it’s usual short hop routine for the rest of the year. So, it’s always advisable to take a small bottle of top up oil, these are available in 1 litre bottles in most petrol station forecourts. Windscreen wash fluid is also available at the same locations, but more garage forecourts, particularly this time of year and particularly on the forecourts, will have buckets of soapy water and a sponge for cleaning windscreens anyway. Coolant is always worth taking as well, though if your vehicle drops a lot of coolant very quickly, and constantly, there’s a chance you have a leak somewhere an it may be advisable to call your car breakdown service for advice. For tyres…even if you have a spare on board, a bottle of tyre weld, or similar takes up very little space, but could prove VERY useful if you’re broken down on the hard shoulder, or if you suffer from more than one puncture…(trust us, it’s possible).

Finally, consider the environmental circumstances that your car may have to face. Will it be really wet (always a chance if staying in the UK!)? A spare set of wiper blades will cost around £20.

Oh, and taking the spare key? It might be an idea.