Frequently Asked Questions

If you are the only person who drives your vehicle then you may benefit from switching to personal based cover. Click the 'Personal Cover' button to get a quote with our sister company called AutoAid Breakdown.

Yes, Autonational Rescue offers you a wide variety of options to choose from. Our basic breakdown cover is Roadside and you can add on any other services you need, ranging from vehicle recovery to any UK destination, home breakdowns, emergency travel or accommodation and caravan cover. We also offer an all-inclusive package with all the Autonational Rescue vehicle breakdown services that represents better value for our customers.

Yes, you can join Autonational Rescue online using our secure online application. Cover commences from midnight on the day we receive your application unless you specify a later date.

Or call us by ringing local call 0330 123 5956.

No, many people already have this cover with their Motor Insurance and we concentrate on providing a low cost, efficient vehicle breakdown service.

Yes, and as an additional security measure we can let you know the name of the vehicle recovery operator which will attend the breakdown.

Yes. Our breakdown cover is vehicle based so it’s the vehicle that’s covered, not the person. All legal drivers of the specified vehicle will be covered by Autonational Rescue.

If you have misplaced your membership documents and would like to download them, simply click the ‘Download My Documents’ button.

Our prices for breakdown cover are extremely competitive because we use our experience to carefully choose the very best partner recovery operators, on call for you in every part of mainland UK, so we can pass these efficiency savings on to you.

Also, we concentrate on providing the breakdown cover that we believe people want and target our breakdown service at cautious motorists who do not expect to break down.

You can easily opt out of the automatic renewal online by clicking the 'Opt Out of Tacits' button.

Autonational 24/7 Nationwide Roadside Rescue Assistance have existed since 1992. Our motoring services are backed by ERS who are part of Lloyd’s, are the UK’s 6th largest motor insurer, have a history that goes back to 1908 and today have over 600,000 clients.

We believe our vehicle breakdown and recovery services are second to none. We have a wide range of breakdown cover options to suit every need.