Winter Vehicle Preparation

Winter Vehicle Preparation

Whilst it may seem that Winter and it’s impending snow is far away, we think it’s important to understand how to ‘kit out’ your car well in advance so that you can buy any necessary supplies and be prepared for if/when bad weather and snow does eventually hit our roads. Whilst it is important to check most of the things that we have listed below regularly, we just suggest paying a bit of extra attention to them in Winter. We’ve put together some top tips on how to prepare your car for the colder months:

Car Battery

The colder temperatures can have a negative impact on the power your battery can deliver. The worst situation to be in would be if you have an already tired battery and the cold weather just puts the nail in the coffin whereby the battery just doesn’t hold enough power to turn over the engine. We recommend visiting a specialist or getting a battery tester that you can use at home (to be honest, most decent car accessory stores and tyre centres will check your battery for free…it takes them seconds). New batteries (worst case) won’t break the bank.

Consider Winter tyres

Winter tyres are there for extra grip and stability for the car when it’s snowing, icy, or wet. If you do plan on driving a lot and long distances this winter, they may be something you want to consider investing in. If you don’t want to get any winter tyres, then just ensure that your tread depth is at the legal limit at least (1.6mm) as this really affects your braking – something that can take far longer in bad road conditions. It’s worthy considering how drivers from Scandanavia (where it’s much colder in Winter…and for longer) still manage to carry on with their lives in their snowy Winter. This can largely be accredited to grip, and correct tyres for their conditions…they really do make the world of difference.

Get a Kit together

An emergency kit in the boot of your car should be one of the first things you organise for winter. If you’re ever stranded, you’ll be so thankful to have these with you in your car. Firstly, get some de-icer and a scraper to go with it to make sure you have visibility at all times (No need to have to destroy your store cards anymore!). You’ll also want to pack a jumper or something similar to keep you warm, and a bottle of water and non-perishable snacks. Also pack a first aid kit, a torch, some boots suitable for bad weather, a high-vis jacket, and potentially a spare phone, or mobile ‘power bank’ in case your phone battery dies.

Slowly start getting ready for Winter and you’ll be ready to hit the icy roads in the safest way possible before you know it.