At Autonational we understand that changes in our lives can be temporary, sporadic or permanent and this sometimes leave us vulnerable. Autonational is dedicated to ensuring all our customers gain the right level of service for their individual needs, especially those who feel they are a vulnerable customer.

We’ve listed some examples of vulnerabilities, which you may wish to advise us about:

Life Events

Events in our lives can leave us vulnerable, such as that of bereavement. Bereavement can affect us in many ways, whether physical (feeling tired and drained), mental (struggling to cope) and financial (having to pay funeral costs). We want to be able to help through this tough time. Therefore, if you wish to bring this to our attention, please contact us.


Not all of us are lucky enough to not have some form of financial stress at some point in our lives. This doesn’t make dealing with it any easier. We’re committed to helping you with your insurance needs. Therefore, if you know you can’t pay your direct debit payment, please contact us and we will endeavour to help you.


1 in 3 people suffer with mental health, from bipolar disorder to depression. We understand, sometimes, you don’t feel up to talking to us over the phone, that’s why we have a dedicated email team, who are on hand to answer any questions and help you in anyway. You can still contact us via phone if this works better for you.


Sometimes, we don’t feel up to dealing with our insurance policy, or we ask our husband/wife to deal with it because they understand it better. That’s okay, you can authorise whoever you want to speak on your behalf. To add someone to speak on your behalf please contact us.

How we deal with Customer Vulnerability?

Autonational Breakdown’s aim is to:

  • Treat you and your circumstances as an individual.
  • Offer flexible and tailored responses, where necessary.
  • Offer flexible solutions.
  • Record additional information about your needs, properly.
  • Guide you through the process effectively and efficiently.
  • Help with your understanding of our products and services.

Our Staff:

  • Our team have been through training to update their knowledge on identifying and dealing with a vulnerable customer.
  • Our team will complete ongoing training to keep their level of knowledge regarding vulnerable customers at the highest.

If you’re unsure if your circumstances apply, or wish to discuss any vulnerability you feel you may have, please contact us on:

Telephone: 01708 547 019