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In this Privacy Policy, unless the context otherwise requires, words and expressions defined in the Website Terms of Use shall have the same meaning when used in this Privacy Policy.

In addition to those defined words and expressions, references to:

personal information” means any information that we have obtained from you or third parties in connection with a service or product provided to you that is held now or at any time in the future by us ; and “Act” mean the Data Protection Act 1998, as amended from time to time.


Your privacy is very important to us. We are committed to protecting your privacy during your visits to our Website and recognise our responsibility to keep the personal information you provide to us confidential at all times. This Privacy Statement outlines how we collect and use your personal information and sets out some of the security measures taken in order to protect your privacy. Please read it carefully.

Area restriction

We offer online quotations and online cover, and policy administration. on breakdown insurance solely for permanent residents of the United Kingdom accessing and using the Website from within the United Kingdom. Accordingly, this Privacy Statement is directed only at such persons and should be read in conjunction with our Website Terms of Use. Please click on the ‘Website Terms of Use’ link provided at the bottom of every page of the Website.

When do we collect personal information?

We collect personal information directly from you when you register for any online service with us or deal with us over the telephone, such as a request for a quote, the purchase of a breakdown policy through us or the provision of policy administration or claims handling services. We limit the collection of personal information to what we need to know to maintain the accuracy of our records, to verify the identity and assess the financial standing of customers, to assist us in providing a high standard of service, and to fulfil any legal and regulatory requirements. We will do our best to ensure that your details are accurate and kept up-to-date and we would ask you to assist us in doing so by notifying us in writing of any changes to your personal information.

How do we process your personal information?

Right Choice Insurance Brokers Ltd is the registered data controller in relation to personal information held about you for the purposes of the Act.

All personal information provided by you is held securely and in confidence by us in our computerised and other records. When we process your personal information we do so in compliance with the terms of Act. We maintain strict security standards and procedures with a view to preventing unauthorised access to your data. We use leading technologies, such as data encryption, fire walls and server authentication to protect the security of your data.

Can I see the personal information you hold about me?

You have the right to receive a copy of the personal information we hold about you at any time, on written request and payment of a £10 administration fee.

Should you wish to receive a copy of the personal information we hold about you, please write to our Company Secretary at the registered office address (shown above) enclosing the £10 administration fee.

How do we use your personal information?

We may use and analyse your personal information for the following purposes:

  • in relation to our online quotation service, to provide you with a quotation;
  • in relation to our online cover service, to consider your application for, and facilitate your purchase of, an insurance policy through us;
  • to provide you with other services, including managing and administering the insurance policies you take out through us, and providing assistance with your claims and enquiries;
  • to offer you the opportunity to renew a policy or purchase a replacement policy;
  • to update our records about you;
  • to check your identity to prevent money laundering (unless you furnish us with satisfactory proof of identity);
  • to undertake credit searches and fraud searches (see further below);
  • to enable us to conduct research and statistical analysis and facilitate our internal customer service monitoring; and
  • to improve the quality of our service and the efficiency of our Website and systems.

Our use of cookies

When you browse the Website and do not make use of any of our online services we do not collect or process any personal information of yours. However we use cookies to record certain non-personalised data (such as the number of visitors to certain areas of the Website), which we compile for statistical purposes to help us develop and enhance the Website and our online services. You cannot be individually identified from this cookie-derived data.

For further information on our use of cookies and to find out how you can decline cookies, should you so wish, please click on the ‘Cookies Statement’ link provided at the bottom of every page of the Website.

Collection and processing of sensitive information

We will process any sensitive information you provide to us in accordance with this Privacy Policy and we will not use any sensitive personal information about you and/or others except for the specific purposes for which you provide it and to provide the services described in your breakdown insurance policy. We will process any sensitive information you provide to us about a third party on the basis that you have provided us with this information with the explicit consent of that third party, so please ensure that you only provide us with sensitive information about others having obtained their prior agreement to this.

By requesting that we provide you with online services, or contacting us over the telephone to request the provision of services in relation to a quotation or breakdown insurance policy, we will consider you to give consent to our collecting and processing (as outlined above) of any sensitive information about you and/or relevant others which you may be required to provide.

Do we share your personal information with anyone else?

The nature of our online services means that from time to time we may have to share your personal information with third parties, both within and outside the Right Choice group. Please note that the other companies within the Right Choice group have in place the same privacy and security standards as we do and will collect and process your personal information (including any sensitive information) in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In respect of those third parties outside the Right Choice group with whom we may have to share your personal information, we will [take all reasonable endeavours to] obtain their agreement to collect and process your personal information (including any sensitive information) on terms equivalent to those of this Privacy Policy, to keep such information strictly confidential and to use it solely for the purpose(s) for which we provide it to them.

Third parties with whom we may have to share your personal information as outlined above may include:

  • insurers who provide [and administer] the insurance policies you purchase through us and any third party insurance administrators who may provide services to you under the terms of such policies;
  • independent contractors or other third parties we may engage from time to time to provide services to us;
  • our professional advisers;
  • any regulatory or governmental body, or other supervisory body with rules and/or codes of practice to which we are subject, which requests or requires access to it; and

In addition, in order to prevent and detect fraud we may at any time:

  • share personal information about you with other companies in the Right Choice group and with other insurers or financial institutions;
  • pass on your personal information to the operator of any database or register used to check new information provided against existing information held to prevent fraudulent claims, including the Claims and Underwriting Exchange Register, and the Insurance Hunter Database (a central insurance and claims checking system), which may result in your details being shared with other insurers;
  • check your personal information with fraud prevention agencies (please note that where you have provided us with false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, we will record this and pass this information on to fraud prevention agencies);

Use of your personal information for marketing purposes

From time to time, we may wish to contact you with offers relating to products and services of ours and of carefully selected third parties who provide similar products and services (including other companies within the Right Choice group) which we think may interest you. However, we will only use your personal information for marketing purposes where you have given prior consent for us to do so.

When you make use of our services and provide us with personal information and we would like to use that personal information for our own marketing purposes and/or pass it on to carefully selected third parties (including other companies in the Right Choice group) we will make a clear request on each occasion on which we wish to do so. You have the right not to give consent in respect of each and every such request, and we will always provide you with the clear option of doing so. Should you choose not to give consent to your personal information being used for our, and/or third parties’, marketing purposes, we will respect your wishes.

Amendments to privacy policy

Please note that we keep the content of this Privacy Policy under review and that, from time to time, we may amend or update the content without informing you in advance. The Website will always display the current version of the Privacy Policy. By using, or continuing to use, the Website, or otherwise requesting that we provide you with services, you acknowledge that you accept any such amendments or updates and so we recommend that you review this Privacy Policy regularly.

No amendments or updates to this Privacy Policy will affect your right to choose not to give consent to your personal information being used for our, and/or third parties’, marketing purposes, as set out above.

Governing law and jurisdiction

This Privacy Policy is governed by the law of England and Wales and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.